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The Morris Ring was founded in 1934 to encourage the performance of Morris Dancing, to maintain its traditions and to preserve its history.

Mendip Morris Men myspace site. Come and listen to our music, watch videos of us in action and become a friend!

The Chalice Morris Men are based in Somerset


Bristol Morris Men

The Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Find out more about this beautiful area of South West England from where we take our name.





The Rebhexen from Ettlingen, Germany. Some of our overseas friends. 





The International Council for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art



The Portishead/Schweich twinning website




Magenta were a popular folk band operating out of the west country from 1975 until 1985. They played a variety of original and traditional music and released three  albums which are now available in CD format. 








The Plough Inn, Congresbury, Somerset - HQ of the Mendip Morris Men