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About the Mendip Morris Men










Founded in 1956, the Mendip Morris Men have regularly danced throughout the North Somerset area performing the traditional dances of the Cotswolds. The Mendip Morris Men can be identified by their red, gold and blue baldrics (crossed sashes), adorned with King Alfred's jewel at the back and the Somerset dragon at the front. Black breeches and gaily decorated straw hats complete the outfit.



















We are sometimes accompanied on our outings by three other traditional Morris characters: our Fool aka Peter Rose (see above), wears a smock, odd coloured socks and a very fetching black top hat; a manic spotted horse called Horse (why complicate matters?) who is really very friendly and especially likes children; and the Green Man - often known by his alter ego of Brian Kemplay, our Bagman (both pictured below).

















Each summer, on Thursday evenings, we dance outside local pubs and in village centres, bringing with us the exciting sight and sound of this ancient custom. You may also see us dancing at school fêtes, country fairs, shopping centres and visitor attractions. We've even danced at Bristol Airport and the European Parliament building in Brussels!

Share in the magic of the Morris

If you feel you would like to share in the magic of the Morris, either as a dancer or a musician, please contact our Bagman (or secretary) Brian Kemplay. Alternatively, why not come along to one of our winter practice sessions held on a Monday evening at 8.00pm in the Methodist Church Hall, Congresbury (opposite the Memorial Hall) where you'll be sure of a very warm welcome.

All enquiries - including bookings - to the Bagman, Brian Kemplay.

Tel. (01934) 838687

Email: mail@mendipmorrismen.org